Subservient Dreams Meaning

By | March 9, 2019

Subservient Dreams MeaningSubservient

Subservient dream of being subservient may reflect feelings of being used or that someone is imposing their will on you. Passive or submissive behavior. Feeling stupid that someone else never has to explain their actions to you, while you always need to explain your actions to them. Feeling less important. Serving others as a means to an end. Feeling that you have to do something because not doing so is worse. Issues with your employer.

Negatively, being subservient may reflect feelings of having given all your power away to someone else. A control freak in your life is getting away with it. Not standing up for yourself. Problems you have chosen to live with instead of confronting. Living with suffering. Resenting something. Too much of a concern with wanting to please someone. Imposing your will.

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