Stalking Dreams Meaning

By | March 11, 2019

Stalking Dreams MeaningStalking

Stalking dream of being stalked by someone represents persisting troubles, reminders of bad memories, or unwanted relationships you can’t avoid. Something negative in your life that feels like it notices every single little thing you’re doing. Recurring invasion of your personal boundaries. Feeling that something is coming after you in a threatening way. A

Alternatively, being stalked in a dream may reflect feelings of being carefully watched or copied. Feeling others jealousy that any opportunity will allow you to be a winner.

To dream of a stalking killer may represent fears about persistent troubles, negative events from your past, or soured relationships causing you total humiliation or failure. Terrifying reminders of negative things that won’t go away. Blackmail you fear being open about or feeling your personal life being played with.

To dream of yourself stalking someone else may represent your insecurity about missing out or not watching a situation closely enough. Carefully watching every single thing someone does. Jealousy of everything single thing allowing someone else to be a winner.

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5 thoughts on “Stalking Dreams Meaning

  1. Anonymous

    I recently had a dream about a Stalker following and in my dream i recall confronting the stalker and asking why are you following me , and he didn’t respond he just looks at me . i eventually got away from him . i wonder what is the meaning of all this .

  2. Nonhle

    I recently had a dream about a Stalker following and in my dream i recall confronting the stalker and asking why are you following me , and he didn’t respond he just looks at me . i eventually got away from him . i wonder what is the meaning of all this .

  3. Kaylee

    Last night , I had this nightmare about being stalked or something , okay , so while I was dreaming , I was playing ROBLOX. When I got off ROBLOX , I found this file. It says “ To Kaylee. “ And I clicked it , and OMG , it was so scary tho– it said like “ I will kill for you. “ Or , “ You will be my girl. ” WHICH WAS THE MOST COMMON WORD. After that , I realized that he was in my school. I was looking for him/her. Then , I found him. He was a blondie , Brown eyes , 4’11 But IDK why he wanted me. It sounded shady…He started following me around the place. Then I woke up. When I woke up , I looked up on the internet from my dream. It said that my dark side or shadow is taking over me, is that real?

  4. Elisa

    it was a dream when me and my family were being watched, it started my mum was driving and she said she was tired, but then i got a message saying your mum is really tired, i didnt worry about it until they sent a picture of us in the living room, it was on MY camera roll, then a haunted doll head?? and it was like grey,black stuff coming out its eyes,and its whole mouth was covered in black! We called 999 but i got a text saying, dont you dare so we didnt, instead we actually WENT to the police station. but then we died.. I cant find the meaning of my dream anywhere!! I also got a new salt lamp but Im pretty sure it had nothing to do with it..

  5. Anon

    I have weird recurring dreams of being followed/ chased. The first dream was a black silhouette literally clinging to my back. I was with a friend at a random school type building and we were running to my car to get away from him but broke down on the side of the road. I remember getting out of the car and turned around to see how far behind he was but it was literally so close to me it was basically on my back. I immediately woke up terrified. Another dream was walking home from a school event alone at night and a man in a car stopped by me so I ran off into some bushes only to make eye contact with him. I froze in fear for a few seconds but then darted off and woke up. Another dream was very similar but during the day and it was 2 men chasing me and the chase lasted much longer which sucked. The last dream I had was weird. I was at my grandparents house which is the first place in all the mentioned dreams that I was in a place that I recognized. I was staying the night at their house but there was someone at my window and they put their hands on the window. Its weird because there were also a set of smaller hands placed on the window like a young child. I felt very scared like making sure all windows and doors are locked to prevent them from coming in. In all of these dreams, I have felt very uneasy/terrified. I know dreams are weird and all over the place sometimes but it feels good to release my feelings about them. I have also had more dreams like this but actually led to confrontation and me having to kill said antagonist. All the dreams I have had about killing people were only in self defense, they were either attacking me or breaking into my house, etc. UGH I have tried to interpret these dreams since I feel I have these types of dreams frequently, but IDK they could not mean anything.


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