Spear Dreams Meaning

By | March 12, 2019

Spear Dreams MeaningSpear

Spear dream of a spear represents the ability to embarrass or cause harm to someone else in a primitive manner. Defending yourself by trying to make others embarrassed by their own stupidity. A primitive manner of proving yourself.

Negatively, a spear may reflect you or someone else that is intentionally trying to attack someone. Purposely trying to hurt or fail someone with their own stupidity. Feeling that someone in your life is trying to embarrass you or challenge you with primitive need to prove themselves.

To dream of having spears thrown at you represents a person or situation that you feel is intentionally out to fail you.

To dream of resisting a spear attack may reflect feelings of requiring strong will power or focus to avoid looking stupid.

To dream of being attacked by Native Americans or aboriginal people with spears represents feelings of being intentionally attacked by someone less intelligent or primitive than you. Feeling that someone stubborn is trying to make you fail by getting you to do something stupid.

Example: A man dreamed of walking down a road and having spears thrown at him. In waking life he was going through an initiation process at a club and everyone in the club was purposely trying to make him fail as part of his test. He had to try his hardest to avoid looking stupid and failing the test.

Example 2: A man dreamed of seeing someone use a broken pole as a spear to attack an evil person. In waking life he was having serious problems with his business and feared losing his business. At the last minute he reversed a stupid mistake he made in the beginning to fix the problem. The spear in this case may have reflected how primitive and stupid he felt the solution to his problem was. He overcame his problem with the simplest solution and felt stupid about it.

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