Speaking In Tongues Dreams Meaning

By | March 12, 2019

Speaking In Tongues Dreams MeaningSpeaking In Tongues

Speaking In Tongues dream represents a strong concern with being noticed perfectly faithful. Wanting to be noticed giving all of yourself to a cause or belief.

Negatively, speaking in tongues may be a sign that you are too concerned or obsessed with being noticed faithful. Feeling that you have to try too hard to impress others or keep up a perfectly faithful appearance.

Dreams of speaking in tongues are common to religious people who are experiencing anxiety about appearing to be as faithful as other people. It may also reflect peer pressure to go the “extra mile” to show others your faith is strong. It may also reflect feeling stupid trying too hard to show your faith to others. It may be best to relax the religious fervor a bit or stop caring so much about what others  of your faith.

Example: A woman dreamed of speaking in tongues and banging her head off the living room table. In waking life she felt anxiety about not appearing to be a strong enough Christian and was trying her hardest to please God.

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  1. Anonymous

    One night I dream I was at my child’s father’s house on the outside. I did feel the energy of something, I went inside the house but the interior of the house had changed, the inside did however looked as how I would have decorated my own house, anyway the energy of another spirit became so strong that I started chanting Bible verses and speaking in tongues which I don’t do in walking life. I then went into what seemed to be a bedroom , I stood front of a mirror there were lots of furniture and flowers hanging everywhere as I stood there I started feeling heavy then i saw behind me through the mirror a person in a burgundy looking shirt with no head standing behind me , I woke up immediately.


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