Space Station Dreams Meaning

By | March 13, 2019

Space Station Dreams MeaningSpace Station

Space Station dream represents a perspective on a situation where you are always confronting the unknown. Situations you are involved in where you always doing something you’ve never done before and can’t predict the outcome to. You may feel overwhelmed by chaos or a constant state of unpredictability.

Example: A man dreamed of being on a space station fixing problems. In waking life he was handling he has confronting multiple financial problems and family issues that he had never experienced before.

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6 thoughts on “Space Station Dreams Meaning

  1. Peter Gabriel Inedu

    I dreamt of being enrolled to fix something in a space station a kind of trying to save the day and while on it I tried running out to go get my rubber can which was outside for water and my pay was cut down for that I was told I cannot be fixing the station and also going to go get my water and in the dream I needed my water in the can . suddenly I fixed what the wanted me to fix but the failed to keep the contract they had with me which was I will help them to fix and in turn the give me what I want and the refused


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