Snake Dreams

By | March 1, 2019

Snake Dreams

Meaning of Snake Dream Symbol: Being one of the oldest dream symbols ever recorded, snakes hold a very significant meaning depending on the context of your dream. Depending on your culture or parts of our collective unconscious, a snake/serpent as a symbol can transform to one extreme to another. For the most part in many cultures a snake can be a very powerful meaning that is connected to our life force and primal energy. In other cultures dream analysis suggests it’s linked to our innate fears, or even according to Freud, a phallic symbol. In order to understand what is the meaning of a snake dream we have to go back to ancient times for hints.

Snakes as Healing

Many Eastern cultures think of the snake is a symbol of awakening or life force. The snakes energy remains coiled within at the base of our spine in the sacrum, waiting until its ready to move. The kundalini is portrayed as lying “coiled” at the base of the spine as a goddess waiting to arise in the body. This type of movement is the complete joining of the masculine and the feminine through the heart. When this is complete healing energies might be active though our your body.

tureGreek Cul

The symbol referred to medicine was that of two snakes on a rod that was derived from ancient Greece. Caduceus is a winged staff with two snakes wrapped around it associated with the Greek god Hermes, the messenger for the gods, conductor of the dead and protector of merchants and thieves. This symbol can be used a healing as well depending the context of the dream.

Christian Bible

We all know the story about Adam and Eve, the temptation of the snake forcing them to go against God and his teachings. In chapter 2 the serpent appears to convince Eve that God did not really mean what he said to Adam about not eating of the one tree, and after taking a good look at the tree, Eve tries the fruit. She loves how it tastes, that it is a “delight to the eyes,” and that it is “to be desired to make one wise”. The snake is used as temptation, desires that we might not be able to control in our daily lives.

The Ouroboros

This ancient symbol of the snake eating its tail suggests a possible complete integration of the psyche. The unification between the conscious and unconscious mind. This symbolizes could represent a cyclic Nature of the Universe: creation out of destruction, Life out of Death. The ouroboros eats its own tail to sustain its life, as a everlasting eternal cycle of renewal. In alchemy this symbolizes the soul of Mercury, the power to permeate all matter in its existence. This is transformation and rebirth.

Native American

The Native Americans refer to this unique symbol as something of a masculine meaning. This would be associated with the phallus of lightning which is considered a medicine staff of tremendous assertive power.


To the ancient Celtics this symbols was considered something of knowledge, cunning yet can transform the dreamer. If you remember the story of Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland. He is credited with expelling all the snakes from Ireland, and today, not a single snake can be found there.

Snake Dreams

Spiritual Guidance

This could suggest you are in need of spiritual guidance. You might be in a phase in your life where you need to pay more attention to your spirituality as transformation could be near. Could this be related to the Kundalini and your Chakras? Where was the snake going, was it inside you or outside?  It may suggest for you to open up more on a spiritual level so you can possibly become a healer or some sort.

Dangers of Snake Dreams

Snakes can also have a negative connotation if you are being attacked or bitten. This is a fairly common dream image that appears in peoples lives when they might not be aware of negative influences or people in their lives. If you have precognitive abilities then it could suggest something dangerous is about to appear in the future and to protect yourselves. Sometimes a snake bit can be more of an internal issue that you may not recognized yet. Lets say you are bombarded by negative intrusive thoughts that you are unable to control.  If you received a snake bit that could suggest someone in your life has the ability to inflict negative poison (energy)  in you and could hurt you.  Was the snake in the grass? Having the ability to see the snake can change the meaning of it as well. If it was something that you where not aware of then maybe you should take more precautions in your daily life with how might not have your best interest at heart.  Where did the snake bit you? Any part of the body can change depending on the location. Did it bite your hand or face?  Being more self aware in your life you can can piece together what the meaning could be hinting at.

Snake Dreams Sexuality

According to Freud’s classic dream interpretation theory, a snake featured in a dream represents a phallic symbol.  Could this be related to the male penis or male energy?  Depending your age and puberty could suggest a sexual connection to the opposite sex.

Colors of Snakes

As you can tell not all snakes are the same and some have different colors and meanings attached to them.  The color could be metaphoric to the mood of the dreamers feelings towards the snakes when encountered.  For example if the snake was red that might donate to “passion” or “anger”. If  it was a water snake it could be linked into the emotional state of the dreamer. Colour of the water can determine what the line of vision is to see the snake coming.

Type of Snakes

Boa – Possible some sort of constriction in your life, or feeling squeezed.

Cobra – Used as a symbol of sovereignty, royalty, deity, and divine authority in ancient Egypt. The Uraeus is a symbol for the goddess Wadjet, one of the earliest of Egyptian Gods, who often was shown as a cobra.

Rattlesnake – Seeing this symbol could signify being rattled by some dangerous presence in the near future.

Anaconda – Might have the power to overcome you and others. A great danger.


Questions to Decode Snake Dream

As you can tell having a snake show up in your dreams can be very difficult to decipher if it could be a good or bad dream.  You have to write down all the important details such as color, mood, location and who was with you? Where you afraid or where you calm.  How often is this dream happening, or is it a recurring dream.  What does a snake mean to you.  The location of the snake might indicate where the trouble might stem from.


A snake can never but just a snake. Snake dreams need to be well thought out in order to be decoded. Carl Jung was also intrigued by this symbol and had a very strange experience that led him to investigate further. A young 28 year old client of his had told Jung she had a snake in her belly. She went on to say that the snake at a time was dormant, just laying there. One day it became active and started to move slowly upwards finally to come out of her mouth where she saw the head as golden. He linked the snake to the collective unconscious that was connected to the Kundalini. The image of the snake in the abdomen, Jung says, “is well known in India.” Although the woman “had nothing to do with India” and although the image “is entirely unknown to us,” he says that “we have it too, for we are all similarly human.”
We all must dig deep even if we are not from the East but to know that all humans hold a similar history in our collective unconscious.
The snake is the symbol of the great wisdom of Nature, for the too direct way is not the best way; the crooked way, the detour, is the shorter way.

– Carl Jung


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