Smile Dreams Meaning

By | March 13, 2019

Smile Dreams MeaningSmile

Smile، To dream of smiling represents you or someone else that feels pleased or content with a situation. Feeling good about how a situation has turned out. It may also reflect approval or acceptance. Feeling rewarded or happy with an outcome. Feeling that a situation is wonderfully perfect.

To dream of an evil person smiling may represent your feelings about your problems or a potential embarrassment being pleasing to others. Alternatively, it may reflect your own feelings of being pleased with someone else’s failures or weakness.

To dream of a sad smile represents feelings of putting up a front to hide your true feelings of disappointment. Getting what you wanted in a way that doesn’t feel good. You may had to settle for something that isn’t first choice or what you really wanted without wanting to share those feelings.

To dream of a fake smile may reflect a wish to avoid anything that doesn’t appear attractive or winning to other people. Not wanting others to think anything is wrong at all.

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