Slippery Dreams Meaning

By | March 14, 2019

Slippery Dreams MeaningSlippery

Slippery، To dream slipping and reestablishing your balance represents waking life situations where you have quickly caught a mistake. It may also reflect feelings of adjusting to a more cautious attitude after realizing something is riskier than you first thought. Feeling the need to be a lot more careful or that something is not as easy as you first thought. Not risking making the same mistake twice.

To dream of slipping on the ground and falling down represents embarrassing mistakes or oversights. Not realizing how dangerous a situation or problem was. Overconfidence.

To dream of walking on slippery ground represents a risky, dangerous, or cautious situation. Experiencing a tricky situation. Feeling that the possibility of making a mistake is always present. A sign that you need to be careful about what you say or do. Fearing making an embarrassing mistake. A heightened need to be careful.

Alternatively, slippery ground may reflect feelings about having already made a major mistake and carefully not wanting to repeat it.

To dream of a slippery object may reflect a need to be careful about how you handle a situation or other people. A fear of embarrassing yourself or losing control. Feelings about yourself not being an expert.

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