Sliding Dreams Meaning

By | March 14, 2019

Sliding Dreams MeaningSliding

Sliding، To dream of sliding while standing up represents feelings of easily losing control over a situation or losing stability. Easily losing control during a confrontation with a problem. Feeling that support you felt is easily being lost. Feeling that overwhelmed my mistakes or oversights. Losing confidence or losing feelings of certainty. Feeling unable to maintain a strong position or leadership role in a situation. Losing an advantage. A downwards slide in general could represent feelings about a slow worsening of a relationship or other situation you are experiencing.

To dream of sliding down a hill represents feelings of easily losing control over obstacles you feel you have overcome. Feelings go embarrassment that you can maintain leverage over an obstacle you gained. Feelings of easily “falling from grace” or losing confidence you gained. Problems in your life that are restarting. Feeling that it’s too easy to have a problem reset.

To dream of being in car that is sliding represents feelings about losing control over the direction a situation is taking. Mistakes or oversights that make you feel unable to maintain control over a situation. Losing confidence in your ability to maintain control over a situation. Feeling unable to control outcomes. Embarrassment that you are not impressive in your ability to control a situation or your life.

To dream of sliding off your roof represents feelings embarrassment or surprise at how easy it is to lose status, control, or success that first seemed limitless. Pushing a situation too hard which has resulted in embarrassment. Attempts at maximum success that resulted in embarrassing losses. A possible that you are trying too hard at something. Showing off that resulted in embarrassment.

To dream of sliding an object represents feelings about some area of your life easily changed or directed. Sensitivity about lacking security. Feeling that good luck or leverage can be changed easily. Feeling that priorities can be changed easily. Feeling that loyalty can be changed easily.

To dream of smoothly sliding on the floor represents feelings about a situation being easier than you expected. Smooth social integration, good luck, or surprise at how much easier something was than you expected it to be.

Negatively, smoothly sliding on the floor may reflect feelings about your confidence in a situation being too easy to take away. Heightened sensitivity about the ease with which you can lose control.

Example: A young man dreamed of experiencing himself sliding off a roof. In waking life he felt he felt he couldn’t keep up with his university schooling and dropped out. Sliding off the roof in this case may have reflected his feelings about losing control of his academic life after trying so hard to get accepted into school.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of sliding down a slope. In waking life she felt that her relationship with her boyfriend was slowly getting worse.

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