Sleep Walking Stories

By | March 1, 2019

Sleep Walking Stories

Sleepwalking is a sleep disorder that causes people to get up and walk while sleeping. Episodes of sleepwalking typically occur when a person is in the deep stages of sleep. The sleepwalker is unable to respond during the event and does not remember sleepwalking. In some cases, sleepwalking is associated with incoherent talking. Our forum members share us their sleeping walking stories below and click at the tab on the right if you want more information on sleep walking.

Personal Sleep Walking Stories:


“I’m 12 years and Ive sleepwalked 3 times i think. I came out of my room and went straight to the patio door window.(in the kitchen) My parents were in the living right next door and my mom said she didn’t even hear me come out of my room. They said i just stood at the window and stared out to something. My mom said it was kinda freaky because my eyes were wide open but really interesting to watch. My dad slowly walked up behind me calling my name and telling me that i had to go to bed and lightly pointing me in the right direction. I went to my room and i stopped right when i got in my room. My dad helped me in bed and then i was fine. The next morning i was so freaked out when they told me”. (Dream Dictionary)



“I am 19 now , I think I am sleep walking , I am not sure, but every morning I wake up some things are out of place. like items inside my room and not in the position they were the night before…
I remember a couple of nights ago where I remember going to bed, as I did so… I looked at my phone for a second which is on the desk across my room.
Next morning I woke up and found my phone underneath me in my bed.
I was confused and now pretty sure either someones pranking me consecutively or I am in fact sleep walking…” (Dream Dictionary)


“When i was a kid i would sleep walk all the time i would wake my grandma up and give her pizza and i would run out the front door i would clean out my sisters closet and i never remembered any of it the next morning i was just always tired. my sisters used to laugh at me every morning saying all the things i done the night before.” (Dream Dictionary)


“I’m 16 years old girl and I have been sleepwalking for months. But it’s not how u describe it in the paper up above, I remember the morning after that I slept walked I don’t always know the reason but I know what I did while I was sleepwalking. One night I pulled all my electronics out of the electrical sockets, and lately for the passed two weeks I have been turning my light on and off throughout the night but I have no idea why!!?” (Dream Dictionary)


“I’m not quite sure if this has subsided now but here’s my story: when I was 11 I got the “swine flu” or H1N1 as it is scientifically known. I then took the Tamiflu tablets which warned a side effect of hallucinations. My mother let me sleep in her bed with her that night but when I woke up in the morning she told me I had been shouting and swearing, kicking out my arms and legs. It was a totally random situation that I don’t remember dreaming, saying or doing but I’m certain it’s true because I had some more situations like this only remembering one of which I sort of woke up during then realized what was going on. The similarity for all of my situations was that they only happened when I was sleeping in the same room as someone else”. (Dream Dictionary)


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