Slate Dreams Meaning

By | March 14, 2019

Slate Dreams MeaningSlate

Slate، To dream of slate represents strong feelings of expecting to be excepted for who you are. Feelings about yourself or some area of your life mattering too much to disrespect. Feeling good being respected. Being difficult to people who don’t allow you to feel good being excepted without needing to change. Feelings about needing to except other people for who they are without changing them. Feeling good never having change yourself for others. Strength in numbers that overrules people who want to change you. Feeling that helping someone else isn’t important if it requires you to change yourself in ways you don’t like. Feelings of powerful originality or uniqueness. Feelings of powerful independence.

Negatively, slate may reflect issues with needing to except people you don’t like. Jealousy of a reversal of power that forces you to except someone who doesn’t deserve it. Feeling forced to submit and feel good for someone you don’t like. Feeling forced to let go of control over someone who you feel needs to be controlled. Enemies or competition that feels good never losing to your face. Strength in numbers that you can’t do anything about. Successful people that don’t need to think of others feelings.

Alternatively, in a negative context slate in a dream may reflect your own arrogance that imposes a need to be excepted through dishonest means.

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