Silk Dreams Meaning

By | March 15, 2019

Silk Dreams MeaningSilk

Silk، To dream of silk represents feelings about a situation being comfortably smooth or easy. Enjoying how easy something is. Enjoying a easygoing social atmosphere after coming from a rigid or difficult one. Enjoying smooth progress or never having to experience a single problem at all.

To dream of black silk may reflect feelings of fear or shock at how comfortable someone else is about thinking a terrible thing should be easy. Not liking someone else enjoying how easy something feels. Fear that something will be too easy for enemies.

To dream of white silk represents feelings about yourself or others making it feel good being perfectly easy to get along with. Trying your hardest to make a situation as comfortably easy as possible for others. Feeling good noticing how perfectly easy and smooth a situation is going for you. Someone in your life that is being perfectly nice to you. Negatively, white silk may be a sign that you are trying too hard to please someone else by being too nice or too compliant to please them. Trying hard to be nicer than anyone else.

To dream of wearing silk represents feelings about your personality being smooth or laidback. Liking yourself being comfortable and liked all the time.

Example: A woman dreamed of wearing a white silk dress while standing next to dangerous man with a gun who didn’t want anyone else to get near her. In waking life she trying to very nice and sweet to a man she was dating and physically attracted to. The man was very mean and controlling towards her.

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