Shoulders Dreams Meaning

By | March 16, 2019

Shoulders Dreams MeaningShoulders

Shoulders، To dream of shoulders represents feelings about how strongly you believe in yourself. Self-confidence in your own abilities. How strongly you feel about yourself being able to reject others or negate alternative ideas to your own. Refusing to allow others to pressure you.

Negatively, shoulders in a dream may reflect feelings about projecting an attitude of not needing others at all. Arrogantly refusing to listen to other people at all. Rejection.

To dream of someone forcefully grabbing you by the shoulder may reflect situations where you feel forced to respect or acknowledge someone against your wishes. Feeling forced to listen to someone regarding issues you don’t want to be involved with. Jealous people in your life that don’t want you ignoring them. Feeling forced into situation or social
interaction that you feel is dangerous.

To dream of a hand being gently placed on your shoulder may reflect feelings about being encouraged to belief in yourself or feelings of being encouraged to acknowledge your own capabilities. Ideas you are having that encourage you to belief in yourself.

To dream of a dislocated shoulder may reflect problems with believing in yourself without assistance. Feelings about temporary problems that limit your confidence in yourself. Feeling that you need help to restore some area of your life that enables you feel secure. Feeling that temporary problems need to be fixed in order to make other people confident in you again. Feeling that you can work out a problem on your own. Worrying that other people will not work out their problems on their own.

To dream of a bird on your shoulder may reflect feelings of confidence in yourself based on people or situations you can permanently ignore if you want to. Confidence in yourself based on your ability to “leave idiots or jerks behind.” Consider alternative meanings if the bird species is specific.

To dream of looking over your shoulder may represents difficulty being 100% confident or secure in yourself. Feeling that you can’t fully believe in yourself yet. Concerns that someone or something that you overlooked may embarrass.

Example: A teenage boy dreamed of seeing a cloaked man with a crow on his shoulder. The cloaked man placed his hand on the dreamer’s shoulder. In waking life the dreamer was seriously considering enlisting in the Marine Corps. The man with the crow sitting on his shoulder may have have reflected his conflicting feelings about the army allowing him believe in himself for a bright future while also finding the strict regiment of military life annoying. The man putting his hand on the dreamer’s shoulder may have reflected the dreamer’s feelings about the opportunity for a military job encouraging him to be confident about his future with enlistment.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of seeing her son with a dislocated shoulder. In waking life she was very uncertain about her family life because her children had been taken away from her. She felt she needed government financial assistance to try to get her children returned to her and restore her family life. Her son having a dislocated shoulder may have reflected her feelings about herself losing confidence in herself as a competent mother until she restored the family’s home life.

Example 3: A man dreamed of seeing a naked woman with wide masculine shoulders who was ready to have sex with him to get pregnant for an arranged marriage. In waking life he was considering having a child with a woman for an arranged marriage, and he felt the woman was overconfident about being involved in his business activities once the marriage was consummated.

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