Shaking Dreams Meaning

By | March 17, 2019

Shaking Dreams MeaningShaking

Shaking، To dream of a location shaking represents feelings about unexpected chaos, upheaval, or change. The normal state or status quo of a situation has been made unsteady. A lack of certainty or confidence. Stability has been effected in some manner. New ideas, innovation, or new developments making sudden unexpected changes to a situation that is usually quite stable. Feelings about change being necessary after first believing no changes would ever be required of you. Questioning whether or not you can afford something you first confidently believed you could. Confidence “shaken.”

To dream of shaking a person with your hands represents feelings about the importance to stop being passive with a problem or accepting of failure. A sense of urgency to think different. Feeling of urgency to draw attention to an oversight.

To dream of shaking an object represents feelings of difficulty accepting something the way it is. Having control over something you would like force change with. Alternatively, shaking an object could reflect a wish to test the stability of something in your life with new ideas or options. An insensitive or or assertive attitude about avoiding stagnation. An attitude that is not asking for the changes it wants or not listening to old ideas.

To dream of a fence shaking represents feelings about boundaries or barriers become unstable. Preconceived notions about limits being tested or questioned for the very first time. Observing the potential for progress that has never been experienced before.

To dream of plane shaking represents feelings about plan or project that you are involved in being unstable, uncertain, or unsteady. Insecurity about the stability of something you are involved in.

To dream of a car shaking represents feelings confidence in the ability to control a situation becoming unstable or uncertain. Feeling that you might experience failure or embarrassment if you continue controlling a situation in the current style. New developments that cause a lack of confidence in your ability to control a situation. Anxiety that someone else will take control of a situation from you. Feelings about new ideas or unexpected changes making being on control of a situation dangerous.

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