Selfies Dreams Meaning

By | March 17, 2019

Selfies Dreams MeaningSelfies

Selfies، To dream of a selfie represents feelings about an impressive memory you have of being all by yourself. Memory of something you did where a situation perfectly revolved around you. Acknowledgement of your self-importance or impressiveness that you can show to others. Feelings of having a memory or recollection that makes you impressive by default.

Negatively, a selfie represents feelings of embarrassing oneself with vanity, believing you are exceptionally impressive, or an excessive tendency to be vain as though a situation is perfectly about you. Excessive tendency to be impressed with yourself. Assuming you are too impressive by default. Assuming an impressive memory of yourself will help you. Conceited memories. Overconfidence about being accomplished. Ignorant vain memories. A lack of embarrassment for how vain you are when you are alone.

Example: A teenage girl dreamed of taking a selfie of herself and posting it on Instagram. In waking life she was trying to impress a boy she liked by telling him an impressive story about something she did by herself.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of someone asking to take a selfie with her and then refusing that person. In waking life the dreamer was a employment recruiter who had to refuse someone who wanted special treatment by speaking about the meeting with the dreamer as confirmation of her approval to make getting the job easier when speaking to someone else at the company with the power to make a final decision on hiring.

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