Santa Claus Dreams Meaning

By | March 18, 2019

Santa Claus Dreams MeaningSanta Claus

Santa Claus، To dream of Santa Claus represents your feelings about getting every single thing that you feel you deserve. Your expectation that positive karma will be delivered. Expectations of good things happening to you because you feel you deserve it.

To dream of an evil Santa Claus may represent feelings of being treated unfairly or having to face consequences that you don’t feel you deserve. Fairness, justice, or karma that has turned on you. It may also reflect your hostility as you repay someone else with revenge that you feel they deserve.

To dream of Santa Claus leaving you or abandoning you may represent you feeling that you were lied to about restitution. Not getting what you deserve after believing that you would have.

Spiritually, dreams of Santa Claus may reflect feelings about God abandoning you or not giving you special treatment for being a good person. Too many expectations about God treating you special or giving you the gift of punishing someone you think is negative.

Example: A man dreamed of Santa Claus leaving his house. In waking life he was expecting a huge financial settlement to reimburse his suffering and then he got screwed over in the end.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of Santa Claus. In waking life she was very angry that god was not punishing her cheating husband. She felt that because she was a perfect Christian that she deserve it as a gift for being a good person.

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