Safety Dreams Meaning

By | March 19, 2019

Safety Dreams MeaningSafety

Safety، To dream of feeling safe represents feelings of reassurance. Feeling that a risk or danger has been averted. Feeling safe may also reflect how happy you feel in a relationship. Feeling that a turbulent relationship or situation is a lot happier than it was before.

To dream of a need for safety represents caution, nervousness, or an aversion to danger or risk-taking. A mindset of avoidance. Wanting to avoid certain people or embarrassment at all costs. Is there a major source of tension in your life right now?

Negatively, feeling a need for safety may be a sign that you are too risk-averse. It may also reflect problems accepting a relationship or situation as being dangerous when you are getting clear signs that it may be. Being in denial about danger.

To dream of reaching a safe distance from someone or something may represent a difficult or tricky waking life situation you have escaped from. Feeling that you’ve gotten away from other people’s undesirable ideas or opinions about you.

Example: A man dreamed of not feeling safe anywhere. In waking life he had difficulties that he felt were too important to ignore.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of seeing a man standing beside her that made her feel safe. In waking life she felt a lot more confident about herself in certain social situations when her boyfriend was with her.

Example 3: A man dreamed of his friend constantly trying to redirect him to a safe spot to stand. In waking life his friend was constantly trying to reassure him during a crisis.

Example 4: A woman dreamed of feeling a lot safer than before. In waking life she had finally figured out what she wanted to study in school as a career.

Example 5: A woman dreamed of running to safety into the arms of her boyfriend whenever a monster came. In waking life she was in denial about how dangerous and violent her boyfriend was slowly becoming.

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