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The letter S in a dream represents confusion or not doing what you’re supposed to do.

S is the 19th number of the alphabet and in numerology the number 19 represents confrontation with the end of a situation.

Safe Dreams Meaning

Safe Safe، To dream of a safe represents an aspect of yourself or area of your life that you intentionally want kept away from others. Something you never want others having, learning, or getting access to. The security of your secrets. Feeling that others aren’t ready to know something. Negatively, a safe may be a… Read More »

Safety Dreams Meaning

Safety Safety، To dream of feeling safe represents feelings of reassurance. Feeling that a risk or danger has been averted. Feeling safe may also reflect how happy you feel in a relationship. Feeling that a turbulent relationship or situation is a lot happier than it was before. To dream of a need for safety represents… Read More »

Safety Pins Dreams Meaning

Safety Pins Safety Pins، To dream of a safety pin represents feelings about safe way to maintain a situation from getting out of control. An obviously safe gesture in appearance to prevent a situation from causing embarrassment. Action taken to maintain a situation as it is without hurting anyone’s feelings. A safety pin may also… Read More »

Sand Castle Dreams Meaning

Sand Castle Sand Castle، To dream of a sand castle represents something in your life that you built for yourself that is sensitive to being ruined. An accomplishment that is at risk. Read More : Summer Dreams Meaning Sumo Wrestler Dreams Meaning Sun Dreams Meaning Sunburn Dreams Meaning Sunday Dreams Meaning Sunflowers Dreams Meaning Sunrise… Read More »

Saxophone Dreams Meaning

Saxophone Saxophone، To see or play a saxophone in a dream represents making other people consider or pay attention to your feelings. You may have spoken up for yourself, made a complaint, or appealed to someone to pay attention to your needs. Alternatively, it may also represent your view of another person that wants others… Read More »

Scab Dreams Meaning

Scab Scab، To dream of a scab represents a healing process or awareness of yourself “getting over” something. An emotionally ugly recovery of some sort is taking place. Uncomfortable feelings or embarrassment that takes time to get over. A need for patience, understanding, or forgiveness so that you can move on. To dream of picking… Read More »

Scales of Justice Dreams Meaning

Scales of Justice Scales of Justice، To dream of the Scales of Justice represents balance, fairness, or good judgment. Read More : Summer Dreams Meaning Sumo Wrestler Dreams Meaning Sun Dreams Meaning Sunburn Dreams Meaning Sunday Dreams Meaning Sunflowers Dreams Meaning Sunrise Dreams Meaning Sunroof Dreams Meaning Sunscreen Dreams Meaning Sunset Dreams Meaning Slavery Dreams… Read More »

Scalp Dreams Meaning

Scalp Scalp، To dream of a scalp represents awareness or insight into why you or someone else thinks a certain way. Seeing the root cause or influences of a thinking style. Noticing why someone acts the way they do or understand their past influences. A bare scalp may reflect feelings about someone else having a… Read More »

Scalpel Dreams Meaning

Scalpel Scalpel، To dream of a scalpel represents separation or conflict that is precise, accurate, or very attentive to details. You or someone else may be confronting a problem with expert knowledge. Knowing exactly what to do to remove a problem. To be attacked with a scalpel may represent problems or situations that seem to… Read More »

Scar Dreams Meaning

Scar Scar، To dream of a scar represents pain, struggles, or a negative experience that you can never forget. Negative emotions or memories that linger. Never being able to forget how bad something was for you. Negatively, you may be living too much in the past or allowing it to influence your present life. Read… Read More »

Scarecrows Dreams Meaning

Scarecrows Scarecrows، To dream of a scarecrow represents an attempt to scare others without effort. Negatively, a scarecrow may reflect impotence that tries to scare others. Positively, a scarecrow may be a sign that you are facing a fear that is all image with no substance. Read More : Summer Dreams Meaning Sumo Wrestler Dreams… Read More »

Scarf Dreams Meaning

Scarf Scarf، To dream of a scarf represents your unwillingness to allow an unpleasant situation to embarrass you at all. Going out of your way to ensure you stay comfortable during a problematic situation no matter what. Feeling above a situation or another person. Never allowing yourself to feel like a loser. Negatively, a scarf… Read More »