Ronald Reagan Dreams Meaning

By | March 21, 2019

Ronald Reagan Dreams MeaningRonald Reagan

Ronald Reagan، To dream of former US President Ronald Reagan may represent all important aspect of your life that allows you to feel good being treated nicely. Feelings about your entire life revolving around an issue where people having to be nice to you. Feeling that other people are controlled in a manner that feels wonderful or totally considerate of your feelings. Feeling that people are afraid of not caring about your feelings or making you feel special. Feeling that it’s very important to never worry at all.

Example: A woman dreamed of having a love affair with Ronald Reagan. In waking life she was pregnant and was enjoying noticing how nice everyone she knew was treating her. She felt that her pregnancy forced everyone to think of her feelings first at all times. In this case President Ronald Reagan may have reflected her feelings about her pregnancy making other people feel that treating her special was very important.


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