Robbery Dreams Meaning

By | March 21, 2019

Robbery Dreams MeaningRobbery

Robbery ،To dream that you have been robbed represents feelings of being robbed of power, happiness, or independence. Feeling that a situation is unfair or that you are being treated unfairly. Losing the ability to feel the way you want or do what you want. Feeling your happiness or enthusiasm taken from you. You feel a person or situation has ruined your hopes, spirits, or mood. Suffering a loss. Wanting something that you can’t have.

To dream that you rob someone may represent situations where you are forcing people to do things that may make them unhappy or permanently lose their enthusiasm. Telling someone what to do while knowing that they don’t like it. Outright stealing your success or taking credit that isn’t yours. Feelings about a situation being too easy or taking advantage of others.

Example: A woman dreamed of seeing someone being robbed. In waking life she was enjoying reading a book until she met the author and had an argument with them. She felt that she couldn’t enjoy the book anymore.


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