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By | March 22, 2019

return Dreams MeaningReturn

return ،To dream of returning to a location you’ve previously been represents a return to a previous psychological state, emotional mindset, or issue you previously were involved with. Feeling that you are going to back to previous way of thinking. Returning to safety. Realizing that a previous idea was right.

Negatively, returning a previous location that you have already been may reflect a return to negative habits, unhealthy choices, or failed ideas. The potential to repeat something that has already failed. Considering listening to advice you previously ignored because you’re own ideas didn’t work. Feeling that trying to new ideas is hopeless and choosing to except a stagnated situation.

To dream of returning to your home represents feelings about a waking life situation returning to normal. It may also reflect a return to an unpleasant emotional state after experiencing a short-lived lucky moment. Good or bad, you feel a situation is returning to a normal state you are used to.

To dream of a problem returning that you believed was solved represents feelings of annoyance about unresolved issues. Frustration or jealousy that you can’t keep your life in an improved emotional state. Feeling plagued by annoyances. It may also reflect difficulty speaking up about your true feelings of annoyance or dislike.

To dream of a person returning who had previously left represents feelings about an aspect of your personality returning. Feeling that problems or distractions are over and you can return to your old self. Feelings about good luck or an enjoyable aspect of your life returning. Functioning situations in your life returning to normal. Negatively, dreaming of a person returning may reflect awareness of problems, sickness, enemies, competition, jealousy, or bad habits returning.

To dream of returning a product to a store represents feelings about choices you changed your mind about. Feeling you made a wrong decision or that a something you’ve chosen wasn’t what you expected. Having second thoughts. Feeling that you like your life the way it was before you made a choice. Wanting a situation to return to normal or to a previous emotional state. Feeling regret or disappointment. Having doubts.

Example: A man dreamed of returning to a house he had left behind. In waking life he had decided to return to a previous mental state of trying hard to get a job after giving up on job hunting.

Example 2: A man dreamed of returning to his home while it was dark. In waking life he had a very serious illness which he had to ignore treating during a serious crisis and when the crisis ended he returned to treating his health problems which had worsened.


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