restaurant Dreams Meaning

By | March 22, 2019

restaurant Dreams MeaningRestaurant

restaurant ،To dream of a restaurant، represents feelings about how easy it is to be “served” particular feelings or experiences in waking life. Specific types of feelings or experiences that you are choosing to have. Consciously making the choice to feel a certain way or to easily have a certain type of experience. The freedom to have a certain type of experience that is always available to you.

Negatively, dreaming about a restaurant، may reflect feelings about expectations for certain types of experiences to be easily given to you by others. Using others to keep feeling a particular way with ease. The idea that you can simply “show up” whenever you want to experience whatever you want.

Advertisements for restaurants may reflect people in your life with offers of easy experiences or easy access to something you enjoy. The option to feel a certain way if you want to.

To dream of eating dinner at a restaurant represents feelings about a finalizing type experience made easy. Feelings about other people helping you to finalize wedding, funeral, or business arrangements.

Consider the type of food being served for additional meaning.

To dream of eating at a French restaurant، may reflect feelings about expecting to easily have experiences that make you feel integrity or self-respect. Expecting to see supported as a winner without question. Possible feelings about support groups.

To dream of a Chinese restaurant may reflect feelings about expecting to easily have experiences where you enjoy not having to think feelings matter.

Example: A man dreamed of eating at McDonald’s. In waking life he was having issues with discontinuing a bad pornography habit. Dreaming of choosing to go to McDonald’s represented his choice to keep going back to a pleasurable feelings that he knew wasn’t healthy for him.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of eating dinner at a restaurant. In waking life she was finalizing her marriage and paid to have wedding arrangements finished for her.

Example 3: A woman dreamed of going to a restaurant with her husband and thinking to herself how diverse the people in the restaurant looked. In waking life she had attended her local church and began to see how diverse the religious views of her fellow churchgoers were. The restaurant in this case may have reflected her feelings about the church allowing her to feel spiritual whenever she goes to attend.


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