reincarnation Dreams Meaning

By | March 23, 2019

reincarnation Dreams MeaningReincarnation

reincarnation ،To dream of reincarnation، represents feelings about your life having changed completely in some way. Never getting to go back to your previous way of living.

Positively, dreaming about being reincarnated may reflected feelings about reinventing yourself or experiencing yourself living a totally new life. Moving on with your life in a big way.

Negatively, reincarnation، may reflect feelings about a major loss changing your life for good. Possibly experiencing the death of a loved one that you felt was a significant part of your life. Alternatively, it may be reflect feelings about yourself finding it difficult to have to live as a good honest person after such a long time of not doing that.

To dream of being reincarnated into an animal or bug may reflect your major changes or failures that now allow you terrify your enemies. Negatively, it may reflect major changes or failures that force you to live your life embarrassed or with guilt.

Example: Dreams of reincarnation have been reported for people experiencing the death of a loved one. The reincarnation may reflect their overwhelming feelings about themselves having to live a totally new life without their partner.


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