reeds Dreams Meaning

By | March 23, 2019

reeds Dreams MeaningReeds

reeds ،To dream of reeds، represents feelings about needing to find an alternative method to dealing with a problem situation. Needing to “get around” something in your life. Your awareness that you can’t do anything about a problem right now using regular or usual methods. Temporary have to do different things than you would like.

Positively, reeds، reflect flexibility and resilience while trying to prevent someone else from beginning or ending a situation.

Negatively, reeds، may be a sign that you feel making a change is too dangerous. It may also reflect feelings of annoyance that you can’t easily end an uncertain situation or easily begin confronting uncertainty. Feeling that it’s’ difficult to get revenge on someone because something is in your way.

Example: A woman dreamed of seeing reeds. In waking life she wanted to leave a 25-year relationship, but realized that it wasn’t a good idea financially at the current moment. The reeds reflected her feelings about herself feeling unable to leave the relationship until she found an alternative way to financial support herself while single because she felt it was too dangerous.


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