Rap Music dreams meaning

By | December 10, 2019

Rap Music dreams meaning

Rap Music

To dream of rap music represents feeling good showing off, being arrogant, or embarrassing others that you are better than they are. Feeling good bragging or displaying your superiority for all to see. Feeling feeling that you “have to be” too big.

Negatively, rap music may reflect you or someone else that is too concerned with feeling good thinking they are the biggest or most powerful.

Example: A man dreamed of lyrics to  song he felt was important and had to be handed in for a school assignment. He ended up losing the rap music lyrics and had to accept the prospect of a failing grade because of it. In waking life he was planning on feeling good saying very arrogant horrible things at his father’s funeral because he hated his father for embarrassing him while alive and wanted to feel feel good humiliating his father after he died. He later lost the nerve to bother trying to humiliate his father at the funeral and felt less of a winner because of it.



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