Rams dreams meaning

By | December 13, 2019

Rams dreams meaning


To dream of rams represents feelings about yourself or someone else that doesn’t fear an argument. Feeling that fighting, disagreements, or arguments are inevitable. A competitor that will “butt heads” if needed. No fear of challenging others with as much effort as possible. A stubborn attitude that refuses to accept change. A stubborn enemy. An unintelligent bully or pushy person. Feelings about yourself or someone else that refuses to listen. You or someone else that is looking for a fight. Attempting to assert dominance in a situation or tense relationship.

Negatively, a ram may reflect feelings about enemies or competition that isn’t afraid to interfere with your plans. Evil that doesn’t fear interfering with good. Bad people that don’t hesitate to challenge good people. The risk of enemies challenging you at sensitive moments. An enemy that permanently refuses to listen. Awareness of yourself refusing to listen to someone at all costs. Feeling that someone refuses to accept you at all. Difficulty negotiating with bullies or arrogant people. Feeling
that someone would rather push you around then listen to compromises. Unwanted aggression or arguments. Impulsive aggression.

The symbolism of a ram used in Satanism may be a perfect metaphor for evil that challenges God as hard as possible or stubbornly refuses to listen to God.

To dream of a ram skull may reflect feelings about remembering the importance of never arguing again. Something in your life that reminds you of how stupid you looked trying to argue with someone. Feeling taunted with your own failed attempts to argue with someone. Embarrassment for not listening to what you were told to do.

Example: A woman dreamed of seeing a ram skeleton. In waking life she was having concerns about having to argue with an ex-boyfriend over property after having moved on emotionally from the relationship.



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