Raisins dreams meaning

By | December 16, 2019

Raisins dreams meaning


To dream of raisins represents feeling better than something is depleted or older than before. Enjoying not having to be better than anyone else while noticing that something is used up. Feeling better that something wasted all it’s time being fully noticed for what it was to make it easier for you. Problems or challenges used up making them feel good dealing with easily. Feeling good being wiser than someone else who wasted their time going first. Feelings that a situation is better than you thought it was going to be because enemies or competition having wasted all it’s time. Enjoying enemies or competition that have “shriveled up.” Problems that aged making them enjoyable to deal with. Enjoying something because it’s noticeably not as perfect, full, or high quality as before. Feeling good you easily don’t need to help anyone else out anymore.

Negatively, dreaming about raisins may reflect feelings about enjoying exploiting, deleting, or wasting someone more naive than you. Enjoying nothing left for someone else who didn’t even believe it mattered.

To dream of a bowl of oatmeal and raisins may reflect an experience you are having that is down to earth, and enjoyably depleted to your benefit.



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