Quilts dreams meaning

By | November 6, 2019

Quilts dreams meaning


To dream of a quilt represents feelings of quality personal caring. Feelings about strong relationships or feelings of strong support from others. Extra special treatment or support. Feelings about parents caring about you a lot or spending a lot of quality time trying to help you.

Negatively, a quilt may reflect your awareness of yourself abusing the trust of a large support system of friends and family. Feeling annoyed that friends and family won’t stop offering support that you feel you don’t need. Feeling guilty that you are being cared about by someone who isn’t your romantic partner. Feeling that someone is spending too much quality time caring about your problems. Awareness of yourself caring too much about others problems. Excessive quality time spent on inappropriate relationships.

Example: A woman dreamed of seeing a quilt she was trying to hide. In waking life she was very guilty about having gotten too close to a male friend at work without her husband knowing about it. The quilt may have reflected her guilty feelings about quality of the inappropriate relationship.



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