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The letter Q in a dream represents a confrontation with situation that you feel could be permanent. You are either dealing with a negative situation that you feel won’t go away or a positive situation that permanently fixes your life.

The O represents forever or a situation that feel endless. The intersecting line represents opportunity that is “touching” your life.

Q is the 17th letter of the alphabet and 17 in numerology represents confrontation with purification. This means you are facing an unstoppable situation that cleanses you.

Quiet dreams meaning

Quiet To dream of quiet may reflect your awareness of how lucky you are to have stability in your life in the present moment. Having trouble believing anything serious matters in a situation. Feeling unable to feel signals or warnings at all. Negatively, it may reflect too much comfort with a stable situation that you… Read More »

Quilts dreams meaning

Quilts To dream of a quilt represents feelings of quality personal caring. Feelings about strong relationships or feelings of strong support from others. Extra special treatment or support. Feelings about parents caring about you a lot or spending a lot of quality time trying to help you. Negatively, a quilt may reflect your awareness of… Read More »

Quotas dreams meaning

Quotas To dream about needing to meet a quota represents feeling of being pressured to keep up or meets demands. You may fear not meeting expectations. Competitive situations. Being too focused on meeting certain expectations. Dreaming of giving others quotas may be a sign that you are pressuring others into meeting certain expectations. Negatively, you… Read More »