Pulpit dreams meaning

By | March 23, 2019

Pulpit dreams meaning


To dream of a pulpit represents feelings about a using a situation or opportunity as a platform to strongly preach or moralize. Feelings about being an authority on morality or honesty. Professing love or the morality of the relationship publicly to friends, family, or fellow church goers. Using a situation as a platform to profess how serious you are about an issue. Using a situation to publicly or loudly be heard proving you are more honest than someone else. Listening to something as though it’s “your calling” in life.

Negatively, dreaming of a pulpit may represents feelings about ego, arrogance, or showing off that uses a situation to prove that other people are respecting listening to them. Scaring other people “with a strong voice” that dishonesty needs to be addressed. Feelings about being annoyed that someone thinks they are an authority on moralizing to you. Fear or anxiety created by listening to your religious leader too much. An excessive need to exploit a situation to brag, prove yourself, or be overheard being more honest than someone else. Naively listening to something being your “calling in life.”

To dream of being unable to find a pulpit may reflect feelings about not seeing proof that someone else would want to publicly discuss an important issues. Not seeing someone publicly professing their love to friends, family, of fellow church goers when doing so may be a sign of honesty.

Dreams of pulpits are common to people heavily involved in their churches or very faithfully “listening to God” with their faith. Negatively, spiritually a pulpit in a dream may point to spiritual obsession or listening too much to whatever a preacher says to the point of being unhappy. A dislike of listening to your Church leaders. Thinking a lot about your calling to do God’s work. Scaring yourself or making yourself unhappy thinking that you are not listening enough to a “calling from God” that may not really be what you want in life. Fear of not “saving enough souls” to prove yourself to your church.

Example: A woman dreamed of her husband being proud of a pulpit that was purchased. In waking life she was experiencing her husband having problems ordering furniture up and see her husband become very angry about needing to resolve the issue by making sure the furniture company was listening to him properly.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of being unable to see the pulpit in her church. In waking life she received a marriage proposal from a dishonest man in her church who already had a child from a previous marriage and eventually went back to his first wife. In this case the pulpit she couldn’t see may have reflected her
feelings about not see proof of the proposal being genuine because the man who proposed to her never proved he was serious by telling the church or people he knew. The pulpit unseen represented the opportunity to profess love publicly that was never witnessed.

Example 3: A man dreamed of walking from his church pulpit to greet people. In waking life he was a part of a travelling church ministry.



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