Psychic dreams meaning

By | March 24, 2019

Psychic dreams meaning


To dream of a psychic represents a high degree of certainty or intelligent intuitiveness about the future. A strong ability to feel what is coming based on what is currently happening to you.

Positively,  may reflect you or someone else that is intelligent or insightful about what outcomes are most likely to occur. Being so aware of what’s going on around you that you can feel what will happen next. Being so experienced with certain behavior that you know what is going to happen next.

Negatively,  may reflect false assumptions about current circumstances influencing your choices. Feeling too certain that bad things will happen based on circumstantial evidence. Alternatively, a psychic may negatively reflect bad advice you keep taking because someone sounds intelligent or experienced.

Example: A woman dreamed of visiting a psychic who told her that her reading wasn’t looking good. In waking life she had serious heart problems and felt that because some members of her family had died suddenly due to heart problems that her heart problems were a sign that that death was imminent.



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