Prophecy dreams meaning

By | March 24, 2019

Prophecy dreams meaning


To dream of a prophecy represents feelings about powerful or ominous foresight. Feeling that a prediction is inevitable. A powerful sense of purpose. Feelings about destiny being predicted. Feeling about divine purpose. Powerful feelings about your life having an important meaning.

Negatively, a prophecy may reflect situations where you or others are embarrassing themselves believing that something is going to happen. Putting too much confidence in predictions. Putting too much confidence in expecting worst case scenarios to happen. Feeling that doom and gloom is inevitable. Expecting the worst. Feeling that you are destined to do something that is dangerous or immoral. Feeling that you are destined to do something important that has never been verified. Relying too much on expecting fate to help you in your life.

Alternatively, dreaming about prophecies may be a sign that you are over-confident about miracles, God intervening, or spiritual destiny. Fear of undesired outcomes being inevitable because of destiny.

Note: Prophetic dreams are very rare. It much more likely that you will experience dreams that predict the future in a metaphorical story form that describes the future based on your emotional state as opposed to a literal prediction. For example, one might dream of walking down a hallway towards a crossroads of different directions with events occurring if you walk down a left or right path. This may mirror waking life where you are experiencing a transition and then experience certain outcomes based on the choices available to you once you reach the end of the transition. A dream such as this may have predicted the final outcome of your life situation in metaphorical form.

Example: A man dreamed of being told a divine prophecy. In waking life he was very interested the purpose of his life with God.



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