Professors dreams meaning

By | March 24, 2019

Professors dreams meaning


To dream of a professor represents feelings about yourself or someone else being exceptionally intelligent and helpful. Feelings about being stupid or that you are wasting your life if you don’t listen to someone. Feelings about knowing more about a subject than anyone else.

Negatively, a professor in a dream may reflect an arrogant wish to avoid listening to someone in your life that is smarter than you at something. Avoiding letting someone with more experience than you teach you something because you don’t want to fell stupid. Negative thoughts about someone who you believe thinks they know everything. Choosing to ignore boring responsible advice for something more fun. Being told you are stupid of yo don’t listen to someone’s advice.

Alternatively, a professor in a dream may reflect your own tendency to lecture other people too much with intelligent advice. Obsession with knowledge or expertise you can share. Sharing your advanced knowledge with others.

Example: A man dreamed of seeing a professor call him stupid. In waking life the man’s son was trying to teach him something about a subject for which he was an expert. This annoyed the man because he didn’t like feeling stupid listening to anyone younger than him.



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