Praying dreams meaning

By | March 25, 2019

Praying dreams meaning


To dream of praying represents hoping for the best, or a desire to escape an unpleasant situation. You may be at a loss to know how to react to a problem, hoping that a situation will end positively, or letting fate decide an outcome.

Praying may be a sign that you feel powerless in a situation, or don’t know what to do. An overwhelming feeling of hope to succeed in some area of your life that you are insecure about. A possible sign that you are not believing in yourself enough.

Negatively, praying in a dream may reflect too much reliance of God, faith, or hope. Possibly a sign that more physical action is required of you to help someone or something.

Example: A young girl dreamed¬† that tornadoes weren’t going to destroy her home and kill her. In waking life she was preparing to leave home and hoping that she wasn’t going to embarrass herself failing in life and having to move back home after she did move out.

Example 2: A woman dreamed . In waking life she and her husband were very concerned about about her husband’s business going bankrupt.



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