Portuguese People dreams meaning

By | March 26, 2019

Portuguese People dreams meaning

Portuguese People

To dream of a Portuguese person represents an aspect of your personality that is confident about deserving to respect itself. Behavior that feels that nothing is special if it isn’t deserving to be confident. Feeling believing in itself the way it is. Behavior that is confident about why it doesn’t have to believe in something if it doesn’t want to. Awareness of yourself avoiding being associated with anything weak or not working. Preferring to project yourself as problemless. Feeling good knowing you aren’t desperate.

Negatively, a Portuguese person in a dream represents you or someone else that is sensitive about being noticed insecure. Overconfidence about noticing nothing is losing. Insecurity about being witnessed losing. Doesn’t mind you as long as it’s noticing it’s confident. Behavior that doesn’t feel good giving anything back to you if it means it will have to stop being confident. Behavior that arrogantly choose remaining confident before helping someone.

Feelings about other people arrogantly putting themselves first. Feeling that something or someone makes you feel like you don’t deserve something while others do. A concern that you never look like a loser before returning a favor. Excessively drawing attention to your self-worth or that you are more deserving. Feeling too happy with your current life situation to do anyone else a favor.

Alternatively, in a negative context a Portuguese person in a dream may negatively reflect a fear of being noticed as a desperate or not good enough.

Example: A man dreamed of seeing a Portuguese man. In waking life he was very confident about deserving to keep his life the way it was while ignoring a warning from someone with much more experience than him.



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