Popeye The Sailor dreams meaning

By | March 26, 2019

Popeye The Sailor dreams meaning

Popeye The Sailor

To dream of Popeye The Sailor represent behavior that is focused on showing off tough when it’s most important. Silly displays of strength. Embarrassing displays of self-confidence for strength. A strong need to believing in oneself for personal strength.

Negatively, Popeye The Sailor may reflect spontaneous bullying when feeling threatened with less power. No concerns for looking like an outrageous silly person by spontaneously overpowering someone you are jealous of. Looking silly showing off tough when cornered. An embarrassing temper that only appears when you are extremely jealous. Becoming a laughing stock to friends an family for an over-dramatic display of strength. Going overboard showing off strong even if it makes you look like an idiot. Arrogant parents or leaders who look silly showing off being stronger than other people. No guilt for placing the need for appearances of strength before all else even if it embarrasses you. A lack of awareness of how silly you or someone else look showing off strong. A “priceless” humorous moment of over-displaying strength.

Example: A man dreamed of seeing Popeye The Sailor. In waking life he used a spontaneous rage of anger to scare his son away from continuing to ask for promised money to move away to another country. He lied for years to his son and when cornered with no more options he humiliated himself with overbearing anger to scare the son away from speaking about the issue ever again.



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