Poodle dreams meaning

By | March 26, 2019

Poodle dreams meaning


To dream of a poodle represents emotional protection that is always caring about being a wonderful professional that is always listening and never doing anything stupid. Emotional self-protection that requires high maintenance or special attention. Refining yourself responsibly or keeping up to date is something you feel is always important. Feeling that you will look ridiculous if you don’t care about practicing or professional appearances.

Negatively, poodles in dreams may reflect feelings about worrying too much about appearances of being a wonderful intelligent good listener. Fearing being fired or broken up with if you don’t appear to be perfectly professionally listening to someone. Anxiety that someone is constantly looking for a reason to embarrass you for not appearing as a good listener that never does anything stupid. Perfect upkeep that is excessive or annoys you.

Example: A girl dreamed of a black poodle. In waking life she had broken up with her boyfriend and was telling herself that she was too good for him anyway. She needed more attention then he was willing to give.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of a poodle being rejected by its mother. In waking life she was a doctoral student in her last term of school. In this case the poodle may have reflected the dreamers wish to emotionally protect themselves with high maintenance study and special attention to school work to keep herself respected by teachers before graduating.

Example 3: A young woman dreamed of poodles in a basement that didn’t bite. In waking life she was concerned that her boss was constantly watching her to make a mistake as a reason to fire her.



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