Pomegranate dreams meaning

By | March 26, 2019

Pomegranate dreams meaning


To dream of pomegranate represents feeling good doing different things all the time. Enjoying trying or experiencing a lot of something you’ve never done before. Feeling good about enjoying something that is both perfect and different. Optimism to live a new life filled with enjoying new things. Enthusiasm for a lot of new change in life. Multiple enjoyable benefits perceived to be possible if a change is made.

Negatively, a pomegranate may represent your enthusiasm for new things that aren’t shared by other people. Feeling ready and excited to do new things when others hold you back or are pessimistic. Wanting to start a new happier exciting life and feeling others aren’t. Feeling that other people are too enthusiastic or optimistic about experiencing new things in life that you are not comfortable with.

Example: A woman dreamed of an old man handing her ripe  and then handing her husband an unripe pomegranate. In waking life she felt that her husband was holding both of their lives back by never wanting to embrace any new exciting ideas that could change both their lives in multiple ways.




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