Poltergeist dreams meaning

By | March 26, 2019

Poltergeist dreams meaning


To dream of a poltergeist represents issues from your past that scare you that you can’t stop thinking of them affecting your present life. Issues from your past causing havoc on the present to the point of feeling that it will never let you feel good again.Feelings about unresolved issues from your past that you feel are too vindictive or vengeful. Unresolved issues from your past that you feel are too personal. Tormenting yourself with the past whenever you move on with your life or start a new relationship. Unidentifiable disturbances in your life. Unresolved issues that are so terrible you never believe that they will go away while they terrify you that they don’t have to stop bothering you. Feelings about unresolved issues being insane about causing problems or ruining your life. The terror of nothing you do feeling special again which you can’t do anything about. A lack of control in your life. Disruptions hindering goals.

Experiencing revenge from a source that is unidentifiable and cares about why it’s tormenting you by causing trouble. Feelings about unidentified illegal behavior that wants to terrify you for the rest of your life. Feelings about unidentifiable mischievousness. The terror of not being believed about something bothering you that you can’t identify. Feelings about some area of your life that feels good scaring you while never being found out like nothing else matters. Something in your life that is obscene with scaring you and never being found out.

To dream of moving into a new home and experiencing a poltergeist may reflect feelings about trying something new in your life and experiencing unresolved issues tormenting you. Moving on with your life that feels impossible.

Example: A woman had recurring poltergeist dreams. In waking life she had difficult feelings about herself having children in her past preventing her from enjoying her present. The poltergeist in this case may have reflected her feelings about the unseen surprise costs of parenting as though life is intentionally following her with problems, having to put up with terrifying problems from her children remembering her ex’s personality traits in their behavior, or making it difficult to explain her children’s behavior to new men she was dating.



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