Politician dreams meaning

By | March 26, 2019

Politician dreams meaning


To dream of a politician represents behavior that is preoccupied with leading while keeping other people happy. Qualities of leadership and popularity combined.

Alternatively, a politician in a dream may reflect a dominant role you feel you have or that someone has over you. A feeling or recurring theme you feel you life is being controlled by.

If you dreamed of a specific real life politician than ask yourself what qualities stand out the most about that person and how those qualities may apply to yourself or a situation in waking life.

a dream may also reflect a need to persuade other to accept you, agree with your views, you convince others to like you. Negatively, it may reflect unpopular or sensitive opinions about  issues.

Example: A woman dreamed of being . In waking life she was felt that her good looks may be a problem when it came to being taken seriously enough to get a good job. She had to work hard to come with a strategy to convince her potential employer to hire her.



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