Police Dogs dreams meaning

By | March 26, 2019

Police Dogs dreams meaning

Police Dogs

To dream of a police dog represents feelings about suspicion that wants to notice or feel out every single last thing about you to enforce behavior. Feelings that displinary action has methods to find something it thinks you are hiding. Enforcement or disciplinary action that isn’t listening to why it should let you off easily. Disciplinary action that is intuitive about it suspicions. Behavior enforcement that protects itself by checking or feeling out every last thing you are doing. Annoyance that someone will not stop suspecting you of wrong doing.

Negatively, police dogs represents anxiety or fear about enforcement controls in your life looking into every last thing you do to feel out guilt, dishonesty, or laziness. Your own tendency to protect yourself with being oversuspicious of someone you are controlling or responsible for. Dishonestly never letting someone believe they are honest. Feeling that nobody is accepting you as honest or nobody is listening to your story in an unresolved dishonest situation.

Example: A woman dreamed of seeing police dogs. In waking life she was experiencing an ongoing investigation where she was found innocent, but police still wouldn’t stop suspecting her husband of wrong doing.



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