Podium dreams meaning

By | April 3, 2019

Podium dreams meaning


To dream of a podium represents speaking or thinking about issues that are important to you. You may wish to communicate or be clear about something. You also wish to convince others, or make a point.

To be nervous at a podium represents difficulty is communicating about issues that are important to you.



One thought on “Podium dreams meaning

  1. Deby Cedars

    I dreamed at was at some sort of amusement park. Perhaps it was Disney although I don’t remember seeing a castle. I was with my older sisters, and they had two teenage boys with them who were not part of the family. Perhaps they were foreign exchange students. I remember I was wearing a really nice black dress. I left my tennis shoes at the entrance and had on high heels. I was walking through the park and had split up from them. I remember hoping to get to some sort of ride that might take me back to the entrance because I wanted to put on my white and light blue tennis shoes again. I remember there was some sort of tea cup ride I went on, but it actually looked more like a spinning version of the dumbo ride. The tea cups were in the air. I went into some restaurant and all of the sudden somebody yelled “Get down!” Everybody went to the ground. I was at the entrance ducking behind a hostesses type podium. People had thought there was some mass shooting going on, but it turned out to be a false alarm.
    Later in the park, I met up with Bobby, my old high school boyfriend, and his best friend Mace, who I was never serious about, but dated too. Mace had a dog with him. It looked like a rottweiler. I’ve never been fond of those type of dogs. It was playing very aggressively and acting aggressive. I wanted to get away from it. Mace didn’t seem bothered by it, but someone who worked for the park took it away and Mace went with them. Bobby and I decided to eat somewhere. I was wondering what kind of food to find that would not ruin my vegan diet. Bobby got pasta and I decided to get the same thing. We were going to eat it, but I don’t actually remember doing that.
    Later I remember coming home from the park with my sisters Becky and Dorothy. It was not clear whose home it was. There had been a family at the park and they got home at the same time, and lived next door to the house. I liked the wife and kids, but I suspected the husband was bad in some way, like maybe he was a Russian Spy. I have no idea what this means.


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