Play (Theatrical) dreams meaning

By | April 17, 2019

Play (Theatrical) dreams meaning

Play (Theatrical)

To dream of attending a play represents an experience in life where you are noticing people doing everything possible to fake or appear to be doing something for real. A lot of effort being taken to project fake opinions, ideas, or situations to others. Feeling that someone else is too concerned with you believing something that you feel isn’t true. Carrying on a role or persona.

Negatively, attending play may be a sign that you are kidding yourself that a relationship or situation will ever work. It may also be a sign that you feel someone in your life is putting too much effort into pretending that something is ever going to happen.

Example: A woman dreamed of attending a play and seeing her ex lover. In waking life she was with a new man that she didn’t like as much as her ex-lover. The play reflected her attempt to put on a show for herself and her ex-lover that she didn’t really care about him more.



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