Planets dreams meaning

By | April 29, 2019

Planets dreams meaning


To dream of a planet represents an issue that you feel your entire life revolves around.

To dream of leaving a planet may reflect a dramatic change in in how you are living your life. Beginning a strange situation or highly unusual circumstances. Leaving “life as you know it” behind. Alternatively, it may reflect leaving a highly unusual situation in your life as you transition back to normal.

To dream of strange planets may reflect your feelings about entirely different ways of living. Different cultures or lifestyles that are completely foreign to what you consider normal.

Example: A young man dreamed of seeing a copper colored planet in the sky. In waking life he felt his entire life revolving around his desire to be healthy because his disease was ruining every aspect of his life. The color copper symbolized his desire for the health he felt he couldn’t have and the planet reflected how this desire was the central focus of his life.

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  1. Vega_live

    I had a dream that the sky was dark and I guess it was nighttime . The sky had no stars . None . When I look up , I see Earth , Mars , Pluto , Jupiter , Saturn , and mercury in a line and I think there was a blood moon . They were in a line but the line turned into a oval and were slowly spinning . My and my two friends were able to see it without a microscope and when I turned to one of the two of my friend and back again to view it , it was gone and the sky was still pitch black with no moon . Can you explain my dream ?


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