Piggyback dreams meaning

By | June 6, 2019

Piggyback dreams meaning


To dream of getting a piggyback ride may reflect feelings about you or others getting “carried” being supported in an exceptional manner. Feeling good being helped or having your life made easier.

Negatively, a piggyback ride may reflect feelings of jealousy that someone isn’t perfectly supporting you or “carrying you” through a situation. Neediness or to too much concern with getting a free ride in life. A lack of concern for others feelings, energy, or stress levels. Using other people to achieve your goals. Too much dependency on friends or family. Issues with co-dependency.

To dream of giving someone a piggyback ride may reflect a supportive role you are playing or carrying the weight of others. Helping someone else get through a difficulty b doing all the work for them. Letting someone else feel good being supported. Negatively, it may be a sign that you are feeling overwhelmed having to be responsible for someone else.

For women piggybacking may reflect feelings about male chivalry and being perfectly supported by your partner. Feeling supported by a man or preferring to let a man do difficult things for you. Negatively, it may reflect too much dependency on a man.

Example: A woman dreamed of piggybacking on her boyfriend’s back. In waking life she was prone to anxiety and often depended on her boyfriend to feel safe.



2 thoughts on “Piggyback dreams meaning

  1. Emily

    I had this dream that this guy I don’t know gave me a piggy ride he kinda look like my boyfriend and I start to flirt him and like kiss him so much but I didn’t say his name like he was tall and cute and there was police chasing me and him

    1. Zen

      I had a similar dream about a girl i use to date but i was giving the piggy back ride but i struggled a couple times to actually pick her up


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