Picking dreams meaning

By | June 18, 2019

Picking dreams meaning


To dream of picking one thing over another represents feelings about choices or preferences. Awareness of yourself making a good or bad choice.

To dream of picking fruit represents feeling good making a responsible or beneficial choice. Picking a lot fruit may reflect feeling good sharing a responsible beneficial choice or many people all choosing to enjoy a responsible beneficial choice. Making choices to feel good for yourself or others.

To dream of picking at something with your finger represents “nit picking” or intentionally caring about every little detail of a situation. Pettiness. Rudeness that won’t leave something alone. Wasting time making a situation worse by not leaving it alone.

To dream of picking on someone represents feelings about assertive behavior that cares about being noticed with never being able to get back at it. Bullying, criminality, or cheating that believes it can get away with it.

To dream of pick up something with your bare hands represents thoughts of taking responsibility or “carrying the load” in life, work, or a relationship. Picking up a person may reflect a burden on yourself or your personality. Alternatively, it may reflect feelings about a choice you are making.

To dream of picking up a person in a vehicle represents feelings about going along with someone else’s decisions. Feeling helped with reaching your goals by going along with someone else’s decisions. An aspect of your personality making it easier to reach a goal by accepting it as a priority. Negatively, it may reflect going along with decisions or situations that can’t control that distract you.

Example: A woman dreamed of seeing people picking yellow apples because there was a big celebration with God. In waking life she felt to it important to atone herself spiritually. In this case picking fruit may have reflected her choice to atone herself.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of picking up papers and putting into her bra. In waking life she was living with a man temporarily that wasn’t her boyfriend in order to save money and didn’t like feeling that she had inadvertently given the impression to the male roommate that she would sleep with the male roommate as a means to cover rent.



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