Peanut Butter dreams meaning

By | August 16, 2019

Peanut Butter dreams meaning

Peanut Butter

To dream of peanut butter represents feelings about how quick, easy, and unimportant something is to you. It reflects a unconcerned or carefree attitude about something in your life. Smooth cooperation. Smooth easy experiences you don’t respect.

Negatively, peanut butter may reflect feelings about easy sex or how easy something dishonest is to do. A lack of respect for something smooth and easy.

To dream of a peanut butter sandwich symbolizes being carefree, or unconcerned with something in order to get through a stressful or difficult situation. Not allowing something to get to you.

To dream of  and jelly sandwich represents a carefree attitude while being hopeful, or upbeat during a stressful or difficult situation. Grape jelly reflects accepting a need for patience, and strawberry representing temporary pleasures that comfort you.

To dream of chocolate and peanut  would represent a carefree attitude with self-reward. You may be taking a break from stressful events that are hard for you to separate yourself from, or finally allowing yourself to relax.

Example: A man dreamed of a chocolate . In waking life he was trying to have sex with a girl he didn’t really care about at all. The chocolate peanut butter reflected how unimportant the girl he was trying to use was to him.



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