Pasture dreams meaning

By | August 31, 2019

Pasture dreams meaning


To dream of a pasture represents feelings of comfortably taking your time for as long as you want. General feelings about everything in life usually working out nicely. Feelings about not needing to do anything challenging yet. Feelings about a situation not being empty for as long as it can. No concerns for using something as a resource until it’s all gone. Feelings about whether or not it’s easy to get ahead in a situation. Your level of confidence about the possibility or availability of opportunities. A resource that sustains you until it run out. Feelings about business markets being profitable until they “dried out.” Feelings about having lots of time to get your life back or restore a situation. A sense of whether or not you deserve to feel desperate. Feelings about having nothing wrong with your life. Feelings about your life being comfortably boring. Feelings of comfortably not needing to move on because a situation or relationship is still viable. No fear of losing because there is lots to do.

Feelings of safety and comfort with a long-term work project. Boring comfort with school life making you feel you have lots of time left to prove yourself academically.

Negatively, dreaming about a pasture represents wasting time never needing to think of a challenge. Feelings about your life being boring with nothing wrong every happening. Concerns that a generally comfortable situation will slowly become emptier. Feelings about not needing to move on from a job or relationship yet because it’s still viable.

To dream of a used or worn pasture represents feelings about a resource running out encouraging you to look elsewhere. Needing to take time off to let a resource replenish. Wasting a resource until it couldn’t be used anymore. A boring situation or relationship that might be ending soon.

Consider the saying “moving on to greener pastures.”

Dreams of pastures seem common to people having comfortable undramatic lives with feelings that some area of your life such as work or a relationship may slowly become unsteady.

Example: A woman dreamed of walking through a green fresh pasture with a man that eventually turned into a woman. In waking life she felt her life didn’t have a lot happening in it and was sometimes boring. The pasture in this case may have reflected her feelings about her life being comfortably boring.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of walking down a road, seeing people dying, saying the name of Jesus, and then suddenly finding herself in a green pasture. In waking life she was fearing failing with math exams at school a second time. In this case the pasture symbolism may have reflected her feelings of boring comfort with school life giving her lots of time to prove herself academically.



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