Passport dreams meaning

By | September 8, 2019

Passport dreams meaning


To dream of a passport represents your ability to traverse through different situations. The ability to do something completely different if you want to. What you feel you are allowed to do as a person.

To dream of missing your passport represents feelings of missing something crucial in your life in order to experience something different or complete a task.

To dream of someone you don’t like having a passport may reflect waking life situations where new opportunities are available to you, but you don’t like the current conditions. Not liking yourself enough. Alternatively, it may reflect jealousy that someone else can easily do something different while you can’t. Feeling behind.

To dream of not having a passport represents feelings of being unable to change your life. Not having the tools needed to change yourself, your lifestyle, or escape problems. Feeling stuck in life as you are. Feeling that people in your life are so arrogant or selfish they are they will never help you escape your problems. Friends, family, or relationships you can’t escape. Feeling trapped in a situation you initially believed would be easy to exit from.

Example: A young man dreamed of finding out a person he didn’t like purchased a passport. In waking life he had an embarrassing illness and wasn’t ready to date girls when a girl showed interest in him. The person he didn’t like having the passport reflected him disliking himself having the opportunity to date the girl while he was still sick.

Example 2: A man dreamed of not having a passport. In waking life he had used all the money made from a home business to pay off his father’s mortgages on two homes and when his business failed his father enjoyed keeping him poor instead of selling a home to help him. He felt trapped in his current life.



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