Paperwork dreams meaning

By | September 30, 2019

Paperwork dreams meaning


To dream of paperwork represents feelings about noticing something is respected for being finished up. Efforts to make something official. Feelings about something being legal, fair, and finalized. Importance of responsibly taking care of something unfinished, ambiguous, or of questionable status. Ideas that need to be respected or responsibilities that need to be attended to. Eagerness to finalized a situation of questionable status.

Negatively, dreaming about paperwork may reflect your jealousy that situation or relationship of questionable status is not finalized. Fear of an ending to a situation or relationship being finalized. Feelings about a technicality that never gets taken care of properly.

Paperwork symbolism is common to people with issues regarding work or getting a job. It’s also common to people wanting to get married or divorced.

Example: A woman dreamed of holding paperwork in her hand and asking her fiance if he currently needed them and her fiance said no. In waking life she felt it was important to finalize their planned marriage before her fiance left town leaving her with no way to contact him for over two months. In this case the paperwork in her hand that was rejected may have reflected her jealous or eager feelings to finalize the engagement.

Example 2: A woman had recurring dreams of seeing  that never gets finalized. In waking life her husband’s divorce filing expired and she kept worrying about him attempting to carry out a full divorce.

Example 3: A woman dreamed of seeing  from the police. In waking life she was frustration that police wouldn’t destroy her husband’s police record.



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